27. November 2023

When was the last time your business faced a disruption? Ours hit earlier this month: a server crashed, backup failed, and our website, along with all its content, was lost.

Last week, I had the privilege of learning from @Daniel Langner at @Institut für Supply Chain Management, Universität St.Gallen, in a session hosted by @Oracle. Daniel emphasized that resilient organizations view disruptions not as setbacks but as opportunities for growth and positive change.

Today, I’m excited to unveil our reconstructed website, now with added improvements. We’ve fine-tuned our branding, clarified our solution offering, and, in response to the loss of 150 posts, I’ve crafted a series of 24 “Best of” tips. These ideas will be shared daily on LinkedIn and on the website, forming the ‚HELIBLICK Adventkalender.‘

If you’re keen on unwrapping a daily dose of insights, just tap on the 🔔 icon on my LinkedIn profile and adjust your notification settings to „Get notified about all posts.“

In the spirit of resilience and growth, let’s turn disruptions into opportunities!