IBP Fitness Check

Get a better understanding of your E2E Planning and Execution Framework and related process, system, organisation, people and culture capabilities

Effort: very low

Benefit: Shared vision as key enabler of a transformation

Self-Awareness 1:1 Coaching

Understand your unconscious motivators and typical shadow behaviours and best-self behaviours based on PRINT®, a breakthrough motivational model developed by The Paul Hertz Group.

Effort: very low

Benefit: Employee wellbeing and better communication and interaction within teams

Short Term Financial Results

Implement a weekly IBSing cycle to monitor operational performance, identify key areas for improvement, drive mitigation and root cause resolution within the functions or within cross-functional taskforces.

Effort: low

Benefit: Short term improvements in financial and organisational performance (Revenue, Cost, OTIF, Inventory, Launch Effectiveness, …) whilst setting the basis for a more sustainable IBP process. Min. ROI target is >5 times return on investment within budget year.

Intrapreneurship Team Program

Enable and empower your team to take full ownership for functional core tasks including cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement.

Effort: low

Benefit: Proactive culture leading to sustainable improvements in organisational performance.

Partnership Team Program

Understand your team’s unconscious motivators and typical shadow behaviours and best-self behaviours based on PRINT®, and develop strategies for better communication and interaction

Effort: low

Benefit: fully leverage the diversity within the team and establish a culture of constructive conflict resolution as key driver for sustainable performance improvements. More effective and efficient S&OE, IBP, Continuous Improvement Initiatives. Increased employee wellbeing, increased engagement, less people turnover.

Digital Transformation

Unleash the full potential of your Operational experts and internal and external Change Managers with the IBSing Change Enablement framework and build the IBSing enablers required for success in your digital transformation.

Effort: medium

Benefit: achieve the benefit determined in the business case for the digital transformation, stay within budget, achieve intended timelines and ensure wellbeing of the implementation team. Investment into IBSing Change Enablement is significantly less than 10% of the overall investment (System solution and change management for implementation) of a digital transformation, but half of the success.

IBP Transformation

Transform your Enterprise Planning and Execution processes by implementing an integrated system of synchronized processes for E2E Planning & Execution, Exception Management and Continuous Improvement

Effort: medium

Benefit: Short term improvements in financial performance combined with sustainable improvements in organisational performance, company culture and organisational learning.