Change Enablement is different from Change Management!

Achieving Success: IBSing Change Enablement

In the intricate process of business transformation, success relies on three crucial elements:

  1. Operational Excellence: Efficient business operations driven by industry knowledge and a focus on customers.
  2. Change Management: Strategic visionaries guiding the organization toward innovation and a brighter future.
  3. Change Enablement – The Silent Force: An often-overlooked but essential factor bridging the gap between Operational Excellence and Change Management. Integrated Business Sensing (IBSsing) not only encourages the right behaviors but also establishes strict governance around the transformation.

The Challenge: Transformation projects often face difficulties due to a lack of attention to Change Enablement. Despite substantial investments in Change Management and system solutions, neglecting Change Enablement can tilt the balance of success.

The Solution: IBSing Change Enablement Investing in IBSing Change Enablement is a reasonable commitment, usually less than 10% of the overall transformation cost (or even cost-neutral, considering efficiency improvements in change management). Yet, its impact is significant, contributing up to 50% of the transformation’s success.

Why IBSing Change Enablement?

  • Cost-Effective Impact: Minimal investment, maximum efficiency, offsetting the entire transformation cost.
  • Transformational Catalyst: A well-designed approach ensuring smooth collaboration between Operational and Change Management Teams.
  • Thriving Culture: IBSing Change Enablement leads to increased engagement, superior performance, and a thriving organizational culture.