HELIBLICK Change Enablement Framework

Integrated Business Sensing (IBSing) is an innovative and highly effective Change Enablement Framework to nourish team engagement and boost organisational performance.

The key values are symbolized by a helicopter and three ships:

  • AWARENESS by taking a helicopter-perspective.
  • INTRAPRENEUR-SHIP by striving to fulfil the spirit of the calling.
  • PARTNER-SHIP by putting the autonomy in the service of collective purpose.
  • MENTOR-SHIP by clarifying the essential intent and inspiring others towards the organisational purpose.


IBSing Fitness Test - The ideal starting point for any transformation.

Weekly Operational IBSing process - Designed to enhance short term financial results.

IBP / IBSing transformation - Yields sustainable improvements in organisational performance, company culture, and organisational learning.

IBSing Change Enablement for Digital Transformation - Achieve defined benefits in the Business Case while meeting cost, timing and resource requirements.

Intrapreneurship Team Program - Enables Middle Management and experts to understand and take full accountability for the output and the continuous improvement of their functional core tasks.

Partnership Team Program - Enables teams to leverage constructive conflict resolution for organisational improvement, harnessing diversity within the team.

Engage with us

IBP and IBSing Practitioners Call

Speaker: Armando Stagno, Former VP Planning at BD and Coty

WHEN: Mon, 24th June 2024 17:00 (!) – 18:00 CET

WHAT: „In Their Shoes: Navigating S&OP Through the Eyes of Every Stakeholder“