Bosses Criticize – Mentors Inspire

30. Dezember 2023

🌟 Two decades ago, I accepted the role of „S&OP Project Manager“ without knowing what the abbreviation meant or who my boss, James Amoah, was. Little did I know, this decision would shape my career in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I vividly remember my first Executive S&OP Meeting with James and the entire C-level board of EMEA. Despite feeling unprepared, James had a clear vision and shared targeted improvements with me. I embraced the challenge, supported him with enthusiasm, and gradually grew in the role and our S&OP became the core enterprise process delivering excellent performance improvements.

Reflecting on whether James was a good „boss“, I realized he was much more than that – he was my „mentor“. He never criticized; instead, he inspired me to explore new avenues with a smile and on an eye-to-eye level. He asked questions, offered different options, and in that manner always pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Two weeks ago, James visited from Lausanne to Zug. We enjoyed a nice lunch and discussed business over drinks. This consistent mentorship has been a crucial pillar of my personal development, leading to engagement in the CSCMP Roundtable Switzerland and the courage to start my own business, HELIBLICK GmbH.

James isn’t just a mentor; he’s also a great friend. Today, on his birthday, I want to express my gratitude.

Happy Birthday, James! 🎉🥂


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