24 – Build bridges, connect and integrate!

24. Dezember 2023

Concluding the HELIBLICK Adventkalender!

Each logo in this picture symbolizes a commitment to bridge-building. A relevant logo is added whenever an IBP practitioner registers for the IBP/IBSing network for collaborative learning.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Integrated Business Sensing (IBSing) are about bridge-building:
➡ Integrating organizational requirements and human needs for better wellbeing
➡ Bringing together different functions for superior organizational performance
➡ Connecting our organization with customers, suppliers, and external stakeholders

For 2024, let’s aim to build bridges in our organizations and society. Businesses and employees can play a crucial role in fostering purposeful evolution!

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year 2024!
🌟 Thanks for staying connected! 🙌


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