12. Be clear on how to decide!

12. Dezember 2023

No decision is a bad decision, and wrong decisions are also bad decisions. There are many ways how to come up with decisions, make sure you select the appropriate one in each situation!

TOP DOWN DECISION (“I am the boss, I decide!”)
😊 quick action, standardisation
☹ missing customer or operational insights, no empowerment

CONSENSUS DECISION (“Let’s make sure everybody does agree!”)
😊 engaging people and motivating
☹ endless discussions, unclear accountabilities

DEMOCRATIC VOTE (“What’s the most popular option?”)
😊 engagement
☹ minorities have little voice

MERITOCRATIC DECISION (“Let the experts decide!”)
😊 if historical experience is relevant
☹ expert identification

UNDERUTILIZED in Business Planning processes:

CONSENT DECISION-MAKING (“I have a proposal, are there any objections before we execute?”)
😊 entrepreneurship, good insights, quick action
☹ good is good enough approach

SYSTEMIC CONSENSUS (“What’s the level of resistance against each option?”)
😊 engagement, relevant insights available, voice of minorities reflected
☹ requires some practice

CONSENT DECISION-MAKING and SYSTEMIC CONSENSUS have huge potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making by LEVERAGING THE DIVERSITY & POWER OF THE TEAM!

What are your thoughts?

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